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During late 2019 Hearthstone kicked off a three-year effort to refresh the look and feel of the homes, with plans to spend approximately $20,000 per home, or $375,000 from the Capital Reserve Fund. The Birch homes were completed this year with purchases of new dining, coffee and side tables, sectional sofas and living room chairs/ottoman, lighting, bedding, artwork, and décor. Feedback has been extremely positive with many comments on the stylish selections and overall fresh and light feel. If you have not yet seen these updates you can view a photo tour of the Birch homes here, or request the Birch floor plan for your next stay.

Similar upgrades will be made in 2021 to Aspen homes including replacement of the sleeper sofas in the upstairs loft. The following year the Cedar homes will be renovated, including the conversion of the existing den to a bedroom with a queen size bed. 

Hearthstone’s long-term Capital Reserve and Refurbishment planning has always been an area of high focus for the Management team and Board of Directors and will continue to be so as we complete this major refurbishment effort. A vacation home with fresh paint and replacement of appliances, carpets, furniture, and décor on a regular cycle is something we can all be proud of, and truly sets Hearthstone apart as a unique product in McCall.