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Why purchase fractional ownership in a Hearthstone home rather than a second home in McCall?

Instead of spending a large sum of money on a second home you are likely to use only a few weeks a year, and devoting a large portion of your vacation to the maintenance and cleaning of your home, ownership at Hearthstone gives you care-free vacationing, personalized service and worry free management of your property; all at a significantly lower cost than full time ownership of a second home.

What do I own?

You are purchasing a real estate interest in a Hearthstone home. Technically this is an undivided, one-eighth ownership interest as tenants-in-common in one of the eighteen residences along with common areas. This is evidenced by a fee simple deed. Also included is an exclusive right to the use of the residence during a specified number of weeks pursuant to established reservation procedures.

Can families, individuals or corporations share ownership?

Yes.  Hearthstone interests can be jointly owned by more than one individual or couple; or by a partnership, corporation or trust.

How much time do I get and how does the reservation system work?

Each Hearthstone owner is entitled to six weeks of planned time per year.  The reservation system is based on a rotating priority system with owners rotating to a higher priority each summer season and to a lower priority each winter season.  This guarantees fair and equitable scheduling to all owners and ensures that, over the course of eight years, owners are given an opportunity to schedule a vacation at each of the eight priority positions for each season.   The priority also rotates each time owners book within a specific season.  If an owner is a low priority for their first Winter/Spring week, then they are a high priority for booking their second Winter/Spring week.  This prevents owners from being a low priority for consecutive reservation periods or consecutive seasons.

Can I reserve all six weeks in a row?

While it is possible, it is not likely.  Because the six planned weeks are divided between the two seasons, owners find more value in booking the peak weeks of each season (holidays, summer vacation weeks and peak ski season weeks) before reserving weeks typically considered as “off-season” (early spring and late fall) when one reservation season ends and another begins.

What if I want to spend more than 6 weeks at Hearthstone?

Hearthstone owners have the privilege of booking space available reservations.  There is a flat fee (currently $195) for space available reservations that typically are the result of another owner’s reservation cancellation.

What if I cannot use all of my time?

Send Guests!

Hearthstone owners may send family, friends or other guests to use any of their planned reservations.

Rent Your Week!

Hearthstone offers a rental program allowing owners to post weeks to the rental calendar and the Owner Services office facilitates the rental bookings.  Owners receive 70% of any rental income in the event of a booking.

Exchange with the Registry Collection!

Hearthstone owners also enjoy taking advantage of the optional Registry Collection membership by depositing the weeks with the Registry in exchange for credits which can be used to vacation at Registry Collection properties throughout the world.

Exchange with another Hearthstone Owner!

Hearthstone maintains an Owners Only website portal allowing owners to post weeks available for trade.

Owners may also cancel their week and as long as the reservation is cancelled more than 10 days in advance, the week can be rebooked within the season (pending availability).  Unfortunately, unused time cannot carry over from season to season (ie. a Summer/Fall week cannot be moved to the following Winter/Spring season).

Do owners pay an annual operating assessment?

Yes.  The annual assessment pays for your proportionate share of expenses normally associated with homeownership such as utilities, property taxes, insurance, maintenance and reserves for major repairs and renovation, as well as housekeeping expenses and resort administration and owner services costs.  The annual assessment is paid either quarterly by check or monthly by enrolling in the automatic withdrawal program.

Do I pay any additional fees?

Generally, no.  The cleaning of the home after each stay is included in the annual assessment however, if you request upgraded housekeeping services while in residence, additional charges will apply.  If all planned reservations for the season have been used and an owner secures a space available reservation, the $195 space available fee will apply.

Do I stay in the same vacation home each time?

Not necessarily.  While you will be physically deeded in a specific vacation home, you have the ability to request any of the 18 luxury vacation homes for each visit based on your own preferences.

Are pets allowed?

Only dogs are allowed. Ten of the eighteen Hearthstone homes are dog-friendly and Hearthstone owners are allowed to bring up to two dogs for their visit.  Owners must have a signed canine policy on file, have each dog registered with the office and owners must be confirmed for a dog-friendly reservation. Dog privileges are reserved strictly for Hearthstone owners and guests and renters are not allowed to have any pets (including dogs) on the property.  Breed restrictions apply.

How is this different than a timeshare?

Ownership at Hearthstone is specifically designed as an alternative to owning a full-time second home in McCall.  While a timeshare is essentially a “use” product intended for those who wish to vacation a week at a time in a variety of destinations, Hearthstone is tailored for those who wish to return to McCall, year after year without the costs and responsibilities of year-round whole ownership.

Summer/Fall Season

The first Friday before Memorial Day to the last Thursday before Thanksgiving each year.

Winter/Spring Season

The first Friday before Thanksgiving to the last Thursday before Memorial Day each year.


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