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It is always exciting to view the deer who wander through Hearthstone and it can be tempting to feed them, but it is now prohibited within McCall’s city limits. This fall the McCall City Council unanimously passed an ordinance prohibiting the feeding of deer. The ordinance enforces a $100 fine for a first time offense with subsequent violations treated as misdemeanors. 

More importantly there are several reasons why this is unsafe for both the animals and our guests. Human food can cause health problems for other species, wild animals often lose their natural fear of people as a result and are more likely to be killed by vehicles, and wild animals who come in close contact with humans can spread more disease. Limiting human interaction allows the animals to maintain their natural behaviors and preserves the balance of the local ecosystem. Additionally, petting wild animals can cause rejection of those individuals among herds as well as among mothers and their young. 

Please remember that while seemingly tame, these animals are wild and can injure you or your pet. 

Read the City’s full press release here.