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Did you know that for every $1 you spend on preventative maintenance in your home, you save approximately $100 in future repairs? Multiply that by the 18 fractional homes here at Hearthstone and a consistent preventative maintenance plan is a powerful tool that helps Hearthstone save money in the long run. 

Wear and tear is normal (and expected!) but routine preventative maintenance of your home:

  • Prevents small problems from becoming larger and more expensive challenges
  • Decreases potential downtime of a home as the overall number of major repairs are reduced
  • Minimizes disruptions caused by preventable maintenance issues arising during your vacation
  • Saves money as the life expectancy of appliances is extended eliminating premature replacement
  • Ensures the health of your homes and investment 

Many issues are too small to notice during a one-week stay and rather than waiting for owners to notify us, Hearthstone has adopted the approach of completing a preventative maintenance checklist in each home every spring and fall. Our extensive list includes:

  • Tightening the pulls and drawers of all cabinets
  • Checking the working order of all appliances
  • Cleaning out bathroom fans and wall heaters
  • Vacuuming the refrigerator compressors and replacing water filters
  • Cleaning the fireplace
  • Calibrating the thermostats
  • Assessing bath/shower seals and drains 
  • Assessing grout and paint 
  • The list goes on!

Most preventative tasks are completed by our on-site maintenance team but if we discover a project that is outside of our team’s skill set, Hearthstone calls a professional contractor to tackle the problem. Either way, Hearthstone’s goal is to keep our homes in like-new condition while keeping ownership hassle-free. We’ll take care of it for you!