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On August 21, 2017, as the new moon blocks the sun casting a shadow across the Earth, Valley County residents and visitors will have the rare opportunity to experience the solar eclipse.  

While the total solar eclipse spans from Oregon to South Carolina, our clear skies and consistently great weather make Valley County one of the best viewing spots in the country.  Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this rare celestial event as there won’t be another eclipse in Idaho for another 152 years!

Only a partial 99% eclipse may be viewed from the city of McCall, but just a short 14 mile drive south to Donnelly will put visitors in the path of totality while getting to Cascade places you closer to the mid-line.   

Recommended Public Viewing Areas:

Donnelly, Idaho (14 miles South of McCall/34 miles North of the mid-line)

  • Designated Viewing area:
    • Field at Donnelly Elementary – 327 E. Roseberry Rd.
  • Parking areas:
    • Donnelly Elementary – 327 E. Roseberry Rd.
    • Donnelly Tennis Courts – near Donnelly Elementary

Cascade, Idaho (30 miles South of McCall/18 miles North of the the mid-line)

  • Designated Viewing area:
    • Kelly’s Whitewater Park – Kelly’s Parkway
  • Parking areas:
    • Cascade Community Center – 409 N. School St.
    • City Parking Area across from Cascade Rural Fire and EMS Station – 109 E. Pine
    • Valley County Fairgrounds – 520 S. Front St.
    • Cascade Sports Park – just North of South Bridge where the ball fields are located
    • Kelly’s Whitewater Park – Kelly’s Parkway
    • Cascade School District – 209 N. School St.

If witnessing the eclipse from the path of totality isn’t on your “bucket list” and you’d prefer a less-crowded viewing opportunity, check out the Edge of Totality viewing party at nearby Brundage Mountain Resort.  A $20 package gets you a chair lift ride to the top of the mountain (16 miles outside of the path), eclipse glasses and a commemorative poster.