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Journey through the heart of the Frank Church Wilderness with Mountain River Outfitters’ Salmon River Wilderness Jet Boat tour. Rich in history and river lore, this unique experience offers travel upstream into the largest wilderness area in the Lower 48 where opportunities for adventure and exploration await around every river bend. Experience the exciting rapids, pristine white sandy beaches and rare photo opportunities in this ‘River of No Return’ adventure. Available June – Sept.

Explore North America’s deepest canyon in a day! Killgore Adventures’ Wild River Jet Boat tour is a full-day excursion on the Snake River through Hells Canyon featuring epic whitewater and wildlife stops at historic canyon sites. If you’re interested in beating the heat, spring is a great time to experience the beauty and adventure of this rugged river gorge. Warmer water and weather make for perfect swimming conditions in the summer. Either way, this outdoor adventure is perfect for all ages. Available May – Sept.

Photo credit (Mountain River Outfitters)