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Boating in McCall

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The Meaning of Hearthstone
Making the Most of Your Ownership
Spring Cleaning & Refurbishment
Shiloh Ryker Joins the Hearthstone Team
Overlooked and Underrated: Roseberry
Wine, Dinner and Song
Keep Calm and Eat Burritos
Save the Dates!
Calendar of Events

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New Summer Event: Weekly Owner Reception at Hearthstone!

Summer at Hearthstone

Another gorgeous McCall summer is upon us, and we are thrilled to invite all Hearthstone owners and guests to our new weekly Owners' Reception at the Spring Mountain Ranch House. Each Tuesday from 4-5:30 PM for the duration of the summer, owners will have the opportunity to engage with one another as well as members of the Hearthstone team while sampling a delicious selection of wines, local craft beers and tasty appetizers. We look forward to seeing you there!

Pet Policy Update!

Hearthstone Pet Policy Update

On June 2, 2015 all owners received a letter from Hearthstone with an update on the recent Board of Director's review of the Pet Policy and potential implementation of some form of pet fees. If you didn't receive the email, be sure to let Owner Services know and the correspondence will be sent to you immediately. A slightly revised pet policy was approved by the Board and all owners who bring pets to the property must thoroughly review it and sign prior to their next visit to Hearthstone. It is also important to remind pet owners that you must have been confirmed for a pet home if you are bringing pets to the property. As a pet friendly property, it's important that all owners understand and support the pet policies and rules.

Friendly Reminder

Hearthstone Rules

When leaving Hearthstone, please don't forget to:
  • Depart your home by 11am - we always have owners looking forward to a timely check in later in the day
  • Take a moment to fill out your satisfaction survey - your feedback is very valuable
  • Turn off all lights
  • Close all windows
  • Turn the thermostat down to 55
  • Stop by the office to drop off your keys and garage opener
If you are departing outside of office hours, please drop your keys and garage opener in the drop box located to the right of the office entrance.

Fresh and Fabulous

Farmer's Market in McCall

If you are looking for succulent, vine ripened tomatoes to garnish your favorite recipes or fresh cut flowers for your vase, visit the McCall Farmer's Market from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday.

Alive with the smells and sounds of Idaho's growing season, the market opens this year on June 10th, the market has been a gathering place for premium food stuffs and conversation since 1994.

The market sells everything from fresh baked breads and homemade jams to organic meat and fresh cut flowers, all Idaho grown or produced. While you're there, snack on fresh tamales, chicken or beef. Don't forget to buy enough to take some home!

The Farmer's Market is located in the heart of McCall's scenic downtown on Pine Street across from Gravity Sports. Availability is subject to Idaho's growing seasons.

Your Child's Summer Adventure Awaits!

Summer for Children

What better way to entertain your youngsters than with activities that are not only fun, but educational? Your children will never have more fun learning than with the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS), a program through the University of Idaho.

Preschool through 9th grade youths will spend their days doing everything from making nature art and picking huckleberries for the youngest to canoeing to test water quality and using scientific tools to test out hypothesis for the more advanced youths. For more information, call toll free: (888) 634-3918

The Meaning of Hearthstone

Vacation in McCall We absolutely love being a part of Hearthstone! It took us 10 years before we decided to buy and it was a great decision for our family. You cannot put a price tag on quality family time. At Hearthstone we can enjoy spending time with each other versus maintaining a second home. We are so grateful for the beautiful grounds, well kept homes and incredible staff. Being a Hearthstone owner is the best and we look forward to many more fun memories in the future.
- The Bartich Family

Fish in Idaho Hearthstone means, skiing, hiking, golfing, boating, and relaxing with friends and family. Pool time in the summer, hot tub in the winter. Having been an owner for almost 7 years, the "turn-key" experience is second to none. The homes and facilities are well maintained and let's not forget the staff and their amazing services. Hearthstone makes you feel right at home, when you're away from home. We are very happy and glad to be an owner.
- The Goss Family

Golf in Idaho Our family has enjoyed many wonderful memories spent at Hearthstone. There is so much to do around McCall, and if the weather doesn't cooperate, we are happy to enjoy some solitude at Hearthstone. With four generations of Naylors who call Hearthstone our vacation retreat, the fact we don't have to worry about upkeep makes our time together truly priceless.
- Kirt & Lorrie Naylor

Relax at Hearthstone Hearthstone is our family's "home away from home". It is all about celebrations, memories and family. We know everyone experiences Hearthstone and McCall in different ways. We travel almost 12 hours to get there so we try to maximize extended stays. The winter is our favorite, acknowledging that every season is special in many ways. Enjoy!
- The Baker Family

Making the Most of Your Ownership:
Waitlist and Space Available

Owner Services frequently receives requests to add additional nights to existing reservations, rebook a planned week or short stay, or make an additional reservation during the peak season. With a busy Summer/Fall season which extends well into October, there may not be as much availability as most perceive and we'd like to share some realities and friendly reminders to help us manage this process more efficiently.

The Reality of Hearthstone Availability
Hearthstone Availability and Waitlist While we are happy to explore options to help maximize your ownership, there seems to be a consistent perception that there is more "Space Available" throughout the year than there truly is. Once all planned weeks and short stays have been confirmed each season, approximately 2 weeks in the non-peak season remain available. This means that space available time during the peak season comes from owners who cancel confirmed reservations or release unrented time for other owners to use. This often happens close to the arrival date after owners have explored all other options for using their time. As a result the opportunity to use space available time within the peak season is quite limited.

How the Waitlist is Managed
After a decade of operating experience, we can confidently say we are able to confirm reservations for one or two owners who are on the waitlist each week. This process is strictly managed on a first-come, first served basis. Immediately upon an owner canceling, we contact the first owner on the waitlist and they are given 24 hours to respond before we contact the next owner on the list. This continues until we secure a reservation or all owners on the list have been contacted and have declined. We are always happy to add you to the reservation waitlist, but the further down the list you appear, the less likely it is your request will be confirmed.

Don't Forget These Important Space Available/Waitlist Reminders:
  • Get on the waitlist early!
  • Each ownership interest is limited to 3 waitlist requests
  • Waitlist requests can only be entered for specific dates
  • In the event of a cancellation, waitlist requests are promptly offered to the first owner on the list
  • Opportunities to use space available time usually comes within a few days prior to the check-in date
  • Please inform us if you need a Pet home for each requested date

Owner Services is always happy to work with you to make the most of your Hearthstone ownership. If you have questions regarding the Wait list and Space Available opportunities, please contact Owners Services!

Spring Cleaning & Refurbishment

Hearthstone, McCall, Idaho With the arrival of spring came a long and extensive list of projects the team was focused on including top to bottom deep cleans in all homes, grounds and landscaping clean up and professional carpet cleaning in all homes. Other spring projects included a full testing and review of the Internet speeds and access in all homes, refurbishing the Hearthstone entry sign and a new coat of paint for the maintenance truck. Although called the "off-season," it has certainly not been down time for the Hearthstone team.

As we approach the start of the busy summer season, the remaining dens in homes 3, 4 and 5 are being converted to bedrooms to increase overall sleeping capacity and the exterior of homes 15 and 16 will receive a fresh coat of paint, along with touch up painting for many of the homes around the patio areas. In the late summer or early fall, we will be re-sealing the entire road throughout the property from the Spring Mountain entry as the winter ice and snow take a toll on the surface of the road each year.

The response to the new flooring installed in homes 3-10 last fall was overwhelmingly positive and we intend to complete similar work in homes 11-16 late this fall. Plans include new and elegant hardwood floors in the entry and kitchen/dining areas, new carpet in the living rooms and attractive tile replacing the carpet in the master bathrooms. New sectional sofas have also been ordered for homes 15-20, with all homes having received similar furniture in the last few years. The process of maintenance and refurbishment is continuous, but one where we constantly strive to find the right balance between extending the life of any element of the property and homes, while meeting the expectations of our owners and guests and continuing the high standards of excellence across all areas of the Hearthstone project and operation.

Vacation in Idaho

Shiloh Ryker Joins the Hearthstone Team

Shiloh Ryker We are excited to welcome Shiloh Ryker, our new Owner Services Agent, to the Hearthstone team. Shiloh grew up visiting her maternal family here and later moved to the area herself. She graduated from nearby Cascade High School and returned to McCall from Caldwell this fall. Shiloh is excited to bring her creativity and passion for helping people to Hearthstone. "Hearthstone is a close-knit community and I am thrilled about this opportunity to be a part of it. I look forward to getting to know and working with all of the owners to make their time here at Hearthstone as enjoyable as possible. Having grown up here in the Long Valley area, I believe my knowledge makes me a valuable resource for the enhancement of everyone's stay." When not in the Hearthstone office, Shiloh can be found working on her bachelor's degree in human services, enjoying a wide variety of outdoor activities with her fiance, or completing her latest Pinterest-inspired project.

Overlooked and Underrated: Roseberry, Idaho

Roseberry, Idaho Frozen in time, the town of Roseberry, Idaho is a modern day reminder of an era without smartphones and television. A time when families spent long, warm summer days outside having picnics. And everything you could possibly want to know was not found on the internet, but obtained at the local mercantile.

In the 1800s, several families lived in and around what was later to become the town of Roseberry. Roseberry grew until the railroad came through the area to the west of the hamlet. Most residents and businesses moved to take advantage of the location of the railroad lines, forming the town of Donnelly and leaving Roseberry little more than a ghost town.

visit Roseberry Now, Roseberry is a living museum made up of original buildings as well as some local historic structures brought to the townsite in hopes of maintaining some of the past for those of the present and the future to explore.

This summer, treat your family and friends to a day akin to Roseberry residents of the past and attend one of the many activities offered. Pull up a lawn chair at a Wednesday night free concert, shop homespun crafts at the annual 4th of July Arts and Crafts show or enjoy a potluck Pioneer Picnic in August. There's even the Old Time Ice Cream Social in September. Immerse yourself in Finnish culture at the Juhannus Day Picnic potluck on June 28th at 1:00 p.m. at the Donnelly Bible Church. Celebrate the Finnish Midsummer and learn about the history of early Finnish settlers to the area.

For a complete list of scheduled events, visit Roseberry website

Wine, Dinner and Song

Narrows Restaurant For a night on the town look no further than the Narrows Restaurant at Shore Lodge. Three nights a week, Shore Lodge offers entertainment of a decidedly sophisticated variety. Each Sunday and Monday evening from 5 to 9 p.m. you can enjoy an amazing meal prepared with delicacies of the Pacific Northwest. Live music will accompany your dinner and to round out the experience you will enjoy all of it with the stunning Payette Lake as your backdrop.

Tuesday nights is "Dinner and a Movie at Shore Lodge" with a two course dinner served at 6:00 p.m. and a movie at 7:15. Whether alone, as a couple or a night out with friends and/or family, the Shore Lodge will never disappoint. To make reservations, which is recommended, call 208-634-2244.

Keep Calm and Eat Burritos

If you like fresh burritos with a variety of fillings, then you'll love McCall's latest addition to its culinary repertoire.

Ketchum Burritos The newest location of the family owned KB's Burritos franchise has opened at Alpine Village. The menu offers both surf and turf burritos with no shortage of mouth watering ingredients. If you can't find what you want, you aren't looking hard enough!

KB's offers dining both indoors and al fresco or take-out for you to enjoy in your fuzzy slippers and pj's. Go on in and meet owner Rodolfo Serva and his crew and see what all the buzz on Facebook is about!

Save the Dates!

Importants Dates for Hearthstone Owners On June 1, we began the important, planned reservation process for the Winter/Spring season. Please mark your calendars with the following dates and deadlines!

June 15 - Deadline for submission of Week 1 request forms
July 1 - Owner Services will send Week 1 confirmations and Week 2 request forms to owners
July 15 - Deadline for submission of Week 2 request forms
August 1 - Owner Services will send Week 2 confirmations and Short Stay request forms
August 15 - Deadline for submission of Short Stay request forms
September 1 - Owner Services will send Short Stay confirmations
September 1 - Owner Services begins accepting requests for Cedar/Aspen advance assignment via email (this is based on reservation priority so no need to submit at midnight)
September 15 - Owner Services begins accepting requests for Space Available reservations for Winter/Spring season
October 1 - Owner Services will notify you of Cedar/Aspen advance assignment results

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