Earlier this year we began exploring LED lighting as a long-term investment.  The first step was meeting and touring the homes with Idaho Power’s Energy Efficiency representative.  While the #1 energy cost in residential homes is heating, the rep identified an opportunity for Hearthstone to reduce energy use and utility costs by installing LED light bulbs in the homes.

Rather than invest in an immediate conversion for all 18 homes, which would put a huge dent in the 2017 operating budget, we opted to convert Home 19 to LED lighting as a test.  We plan to track the bulb conversion and replacement costs as well as the electric usage in this home for six months to analyze the financial benefits of the lighting conversion.

LED bulbs have come a long way in recent years and we plan to experiment with the color and temperature of the lights to improve the lighting in the kitchens, which is where we receive the most feedback about dim or poor lighting.  We look forward to owner feedback so please let us know what you think!